This is the website for:

  1. The Science of Logic Reading Group at UCL
  2. The Doctrine of the Concept Conference at UCL, June 2016

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Any questions should be directed to Stephen Bonnell:




‘[Thought] will make itself at home in abstractions and in the ways of working with concepts without sensuous substrata, will develop an unconscious power to assimilate in rational form the otherwise dispersed manifold of cognitions and sciences, the power to grasp and hold them in their essentiality, to strip them of every externality and in this way to abstract from them the logical element – or what is the same thing, the power to fill the abstract groundwork of logic previously acquired through study with the content of every truth, and to bestow upon this content the value of a universal which no longer stands as a particular alongside other particulars but embraces them all in its grasp and is their essence, the absolutely true.’

Hegel, Science of Logic, 21.43 (trans. by Di Giovanni)

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